In my denim

I still remember my first pair of jeans when I was 7 years old, they were flared at the legs and had pink sequins all over them. Fortunately enough, I'm glad to say the days of mismatched denim choices are gone. These days my wardrobe is filled with multiple pairs of black skinnies in variations of high waisted, cut-offs and rips. So when I picked up this pair of light blue A Brand jeans from the Glue Store, it was definitely a better change from my classic monochromatic line-up.

I live in denim, and I wouldn't choose otherwise - but if you're like me, finding the perfect cut and fit is usually the biggest trouble. This pair has the perfect amount of stretch and safe to say, is becoming a denim staple in my collection. I love styling these skinnies with Adidas sneakers and a simple black tee for an everyday look.


A Brand Jeans - Glue Store | Adidas Sneakers - Glue store

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Fine Jewellery - Styling Michael Hill

Gone are the days of chunky bangles and excessive statement pieces. Recently I have fallen in love with fine jewellery and love how these subtle hints of gold and silver can brighten up any look.When it comes to styling I'm not one to follow any rules, as I'm a 'wear it how you want it' kind of gal. But I have discovered the following things can really help enhance an outfit.


I use to take this too literally, I remember stacking 3 chunky beaded necklaces together when I was younger. But seriously, I love layering when it comes to rings. These double banded silver rings are perfect to be worn by themselves or together.



When wearing sleek and shiny pieces I love bringing a bit of texture into the mix. This sterling silver knotted bracelet gives just the right amount. 



When in doubt, keep it minimal. This stunning golden bar necklace adds a delicate touch to the neckline and needs no more. 


Jewellery pieces - Michael Hill Jewellers | Bell Sleeve Top - Bardot


So what's the deal with Laser hair removal?


I'll be honest here I'm not the biggest fan of winter, but if there is something in the cooler season I find peace in, is knowing that my wardrobe of go to jeans, long pants or leather leggings means that it isn't necessary at all to shave for days or even weeks on end. That's an extra 15 minutes of sleep in, an additional couple of minutes to grab that coffee, and a morning without that frantic 'Where is my razor? Crap, I cut myself. Damn it I'm late now' rush. 

This summer I had a lot of those. So after many years of reiterating the same apology for my lateness, buying new razors, losing razors, using bad razors and getting cuts all over my legs, I decided to finally get laser hair removal. Making the decision was daunting and I was faced with a million questions in my head, all from its effectiveness to the pain I may feel. However after endless hours of reading reviews and blogs on the internet I decided it was well worth a shot. 

I can honestly say after two sessions of laser hair removal on my underarms and legs I have noticed a dramatic difference. After the hair has been treated with laser, it gradually begins to fall out. Following my first treatment, my hair didn't start growing back until 2.5 weeks later, and after my second session, the coarseness and thickness of the hair had reduced by 70%. As for the pain, while the majority of the treatment was pain free and only felt like a small flick, I will admit in the areas around the bone and the shin I felt a much sharper pinch. It is however important to note that everyone has different tolerance levels and while I did feel some pain, it didn't last any longer than a few seconds, so it was completely bearable. On top of this, my consultant at Laser Clinics Australia Chadstone was so lovely and professional, which made the process a whole lot more comfortable and reassuring. 

Laser hair removal is not only a means of achieving convenience, but honestly liberating and life changing. I couldn't of been happier with the results I've received so far from my treatments at Laser Clinics Australia. And the best part? Well thats the freedom of knowing you can get out of the house and not having to worry about when the last time you shaved was. 

Laser Clinics Australia are currently offering 30% off treatments for a limited time only. 


Hello, its me.

Hello, its me. It's been a long time. For a while I was lost from creativity and couldn't conjure up anything more than an array of muddled up words. But more than that, sometimes I'm afraid to begin writing because sentences don't quite appear on paper like they do in my head. Often I'm afraid to try, because what if I try and it's still not good enough? I believe there's a lot of sparks in the world. A lot of sparks that could of turned into great ideas, and great ideas into great things. But so many of those sparks are never ignited because we're too afraid to try. 

This year I'm in my third year of Fashion Design. The degree itself is actually somewhat excruciating yet fulfilling at the same time. It's something that I'm unable to really explain or describe, but in my world you're constantly coming up with ideas and you're also constantly being shot down by them. What if I design something and its actually complete rubbish?

So I'm learning from zero again, and while I've barely scratched the surface to any point of succeeding. I'm once again learning to be creative, free from the fear of being less than expectations (my own and others included), of being less than perfect and of the opinions of what other people think. Like this blog post. Who even reads this stuff? But why does it matter anyway? Because I'm beginning again. Beginning to write. Beginning to photograph. Beginning to create. Beginning to allow my sparks turn into ideas, and giving these ideas the permission to turn into whatever they are capable of. 

Recently I've been reading a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (The author of Eat Pray Love). If you're a creative, then its a must to read. She talks about creative living beyond fear and freeing yourself from this desperation of constantly having to be 'perfect' and to be at the 'top'.

Because "Such thinking assumes there is a 'top' - and that reaching the top and staying there is the only motive one has to create. Such thinking assumes that mysteries of inspiration operate on the same scale that we do - on a limited human scale of success and failure, of winning and losing, of comparison and competition, of commerce and reputation, of units sold and influence wielded. Such thinking assumes you must be constantly victorious not only against your peers, but also against an earlier version of your own poor self. Most dangerously of all, such thinking assumes that if you can not win, then you must not continue to play. But what does that have to do with vocation? What does any of that have to do with the pursuit of love? What does any of that have to do with the strange communion between the human and the magical? What does any of that have to do with faith? What does any of that have to do with the quiet glory of merely making things, and then sharing those things with an open heart and no expectation?"


light & space.

With the use of leather mesh, liquid silicon and the integration of 3D printing, to say the last three months have been experimental would be an understatement. My aesthetic has always been minimal. There is an art to refinement, so here's the story of not what's added, but what's left behind.

The team that made this magic happen

Photography: Rob Tran

Starring: Nicole Coombs

MUA: Oasis Tsoi

Creative Direction/Design: Me :)