Getting voluminous curls X Hairhouse warehouse

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I've always been one to wake up in the morning and leave my hair exactly how it is, borderline because I'm lazy, but more so that everything I try and do to it usually fails. So when the team at Hairhouse Warehouse Australia invited me to their studio last week and showed me how I could easily achieve the perfect voluminous Miranda Kerr curls with the Halo curling iron. I was literally blown away that my hair could hold both volume and shape for the whole day, and the one after!

I definitely had a blast learning about my hair and how to style it accordingly. After convincing myself for many years that curling it was a lost cause, I found out that my hair type was actually 'dense' (a good thing) and 'workable', and those bouncy locks I have been crushing on from every blogger and second Instagram post I see on my news feed is well, humanly possible.

The key trick after curling your hair with the hot curler is definitely to use rollers and leave these in for a few minutes so they set in shape (perfect time for you to do your makeup or watch a youtube video or something, let's be honest... we all procrastinate when we get ready). And the next thing you'll know, you will have volume from the top to bottom.

So if you're someone like me, who never thought you could create those big curls with your fine hair then you should definitely head over to the Hairhouse blog for the full tutorial.

Thank you so much to Hairhouse for having me and letting me try the m a k e range to further provide hydration to my now voluminous curly locks!

That's a wrap!

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