Life Update

image source: tumblr

Twenty fourteen has been a year of change and adventure. I have finally completed a year of my dream course at my dream university, studying an honours degree in fashion design. Yet I have been painstakingly pushed, tested and challenged to blood, sweat and tears. Spending sleepless nights and staying up to the blurry hours of the morning designing and creating. However, what university has taught me hasn't been knowledge to say the least. Sure I learnt a dozen methods of how to finish a neckline and gained some insight on the molecular structure of viscose rayon.

But what university has revealed to me the greatest, is how strong I am, and how capable I am of achieving what I first doubted in myself. It was in those 2am moments of stress and sadness that I discovered I could do it. That with perseverance and passion, reaching the finish line is possible. This year I have had unimaginable experiences. I have travelled to another country visiting headquarters and factories of brands such as Victoria Secret, Levi Jeans and Converse to name a few. Gaining immense knowledge of the production side of the fashion industry. I have met and collaborated with a range of creative people, and moreover been inspired and compelled to keep doing what I love. And so here I stand, a year later, with a new perspective and a new freedom ready and hungrier than ever to take on things I've never done before.

So where am I going from here onwards? I have two internships lined up, one design and the other as a social media and blogging intern for the incredible Liz from Street Smith. I'll also be curating some new content for my blog and Instagram, hopefully doing some exciting collaborations along the way. As well as spending the time to build my new spring/summer wardrobe by designing and sewing up my own pieces to share with you guys.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog and believed in me from the beginning. And let's see where this ride takes us.

xx Viv