Just Black.


Many things have changed this month. I've resumed university and have returned to the endless nights of sketching, writing and researching. I've been exploring new ideas and tirelessly trying to find a concept for my collection this semester. Just when I thought I had forgotten what it was like to be awoken at 3am in the morning, too stressed and too weighed down by the never ending workload, reality soon reminded me again. And to be quite honest, I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted of the endless hours staring at a blank piece of paper hoping something creative would sporadically appear on its own. I'm exhausted at looking at an empty laptop screen, wishing technical sketches would be drawn, and reports would be written. I'm exhausted because I'm finally realising that stress and anxiety has stripped away the pure joy of me doing what I began to do for joy in the first place. And for that I might as well do nothing at all.

But I can't. I cant simply do nothing at all, and if you're like me, doing nothing at all is absolutely not an option. Because there is a part of me which desires to be creative. And when I begin to think about it that way, the exhaustion, the endless hours and the risks take little value. I love what do more than I fear the failure of what I do. And to love more than fear is a good enough reason to continue.

PS: Currently studying a Bachelor of Fashion Design 


  • Black Knit - Boohoo (here)
  • Black Jeans - Uniqlo
  • Clutch Bag - Marc Jacobs