Staple style challenge

Sometimes I'm still surprised that it's already April. If it weren't for seasons and the chilly mornings that I've become accustomed waking up to, I wouldn't realise we're already 4 months into the year. Yes, four. Time is funny that way, it moves without waiting for you, it changes things without you realising, and before you know it you're here. 'Here', is the place I wouldn't have imaged to be a year ago. Here, is being alive in university. Its the people that I wouldn't of thought to be in my life, to be in my life. And the people that aren't in my life, that I thought wouldn't leave. But here is now, and now is exciting. Now is being spontaneous, its going on adventures, being daring, taking risks and drinking too much coffee. And while many things change, some things don't, and here I am still refusing to put on pants and wearing shorts in the cold cold Autumn/Winter. 

Lovely printed shorts from Staple the label, as part of the Staple Style Challenge in conjunction with the minimalist, nakedvice and qtgoldcoast