Grey knitted

After three months of madness I have finally breached the storm. Entering into the calm is like all of a sudden arriving at an open and empty room. The walls are impeccably white, the slanted glass ceiling is high, and the rays of sunlight shine through creating auras of light. The destination couldn't be more perfectly tranquil, and yes, the surroundings couldn't be more fitting for a place of solitude and rest. But inside of me, I'm uncomfortable and agitated. When the semester has been so long, and you have been working so hard, arriving at a place of complete freedom is confronting. Being free and untainted from deadlines and workloads is a peculiar feeling. Because with white walls I expect stains, and with light I also expect shadows, and my life almost seems dysfunctional if the marks of life's everyday pressures aren't there. 

But hey, I'm not complaining because I know chaos will soon begin again, and with another month of holidays a head of me I'm hoping to be in touch with creativity more than ever. 

Grey Knit: Gingham and Heels | Coat: Shilla the Label | Jeans: TopShop