Spring Awakening

Transitioning into spring is always my favourite time of the year. Melbourne's bipolar weather means there's always an occasion for a mix of chunky knits to lighter weight fabrics. Lately with the return of 70's inspired silhouettes I have been in love with flared sleeves. With an off the shoulder cut out and tie around the arm, this top is perfect going into the warmer season. 


Top & Jeans : Bardot  |  Boots : Betts Shoes  |  Pouch : The Daily Edited 

Winter whites with Pandora

In an unusual occasion on a chilly winter's morning, is the sun breaking through what was expected to be an icy cold day. To savour the beauty of the moment and to admire the generously conditioned city we live in, I leapt outside to capture its charm. 

If the modern woman was to meet class, luxe and sophistication, her outfit would be stylised in a combination of white, silver and gold. This season's perfect pairing features beautifully crafted pieces from Pandora. With a combination of dazzling jewels and polished silver, winter never shined so bright. 

Jewellery: Pandora |  Blazer and Top: HM  | Shoes: Wittner 

Grey knitted

After three months of madness I have finally breached the storm. Entering into the calm is like all of a sudden arriving at an open and empty room. The walls are impeccably white, the slanted glass ceiling is high, and the rays of sunlight shine through creating auras of light. The destination couldn't be more perfectly tranquil, and yes, the surroundings couldn't be more fitting for a place of solitude and rest. But inside of me, I'm uncomfortable and agitated. When the semester has been so long, and you have been working so hard, arriving at a place of complete freedom is confronting. Being free and untainted from deadlines and workloads is a peculiar feeling. Because with white walls I expect stains, and with light I also expect shadows, and my life almost seems dysfunctional if the marks of life's everyday pressures aren't there. 

But hey, I'm not complaining because I know chaos will soon begin again, and with another month of holidays a head of me I'm hoping to be in touch with creativity more than ever. 

Grey Knit: Gingham and Heels | Coat: Shilla the Label | Jeans: TopShop 


Staple style challenge

Sometimes I'm still surprised that it's already April. If it weren't for seasons and the chilly mornings that I've become accustomed waking up to, I wouldn't realise we're already 4 months into the year. Yes, four. Time is funny that way, it moves without waiting for you, it changes things without you realising, and before you know it you're here. 'Here', is the place I wouldn't have imaged to be a year ago. Here, is being alive in university. Its the people that I wouldn't of thought to be in my life, to be in my life. And the people that aren't in my life, that I thought wouldn't leave. But here is now, and now is exciting. Now is being spontaneous, its going on adventures, being daring, taking risks and drinking too much coffee. And while many things change, some things don't, and here I am still refusing to put on pants and wearing shorts in the cold cold Autumn/Winter. 

Lovely printed shorts from Staple the label, as part of the Staple Style Challenge in conjunction with the minimalist, nakedvice and qtgoldcoast

White lace - RYDER LABEL

With the numerous amount of days I've spent around the beach, It's no surprise I have this affinity with being surrounded by the water. It's probably due to the fact that the summer heat has finally set in. But more or less, I enjoy the cool breeze, the crashing waves and the occasional canine friends that run up to greet me.

2015 is now officially in full swing, and looking back from last year there has definitely been an evolution of change in so many aspects of my life. For starters (and the least important), finding my own sense of style in a world of fashion, which encourages extreme creativity while balancing the element of practicality has always been a challenge. Yet I have come to realise that my wardrobe has unintentionally become quickly filled with too many shades of white these past months. And if the phrases personal style and self expression, is too overused or beyond necessary to describe such a trivial matter, then I guess white on white, with lots more white, has just become, well, my thing. I love this pair of lace shorts from RYDER label, (my inner fashion student just wants to tell you how well it holds and feels), but let's just keep it simple and say its great. 

On this 'evolution of change' I was talking about, the start of this year has nonetheless appeared more apparent or felt so right than previous. I have this new spark of positivity and ambition. Jim Carrey once said 'Life doesn't happen to you, it happens through you'. And this begins with making a conscious choice to see challenges as beneficial so you can deal with them in the most productive way. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that although living life and surviving through it is great. (Let me remind you fashion school is equivalent to the hunger games in hell), going through it with strength and confidence is even better.

Here's to 2015 and I hope you all have a good one too! Oh and did you guys notice the new look of vivcha.com, what do we think? 

Lilypad Lace shorts | Ryder Label