I'm sitting in the bedroom of my holiday apartment, tranquil, relaxed and at peace. The place I happen to be staying at is a tall white building with a red terrace like tiled roof, surrounded by green textured palms. To be precise, I am exactly a 1.5 minute walk from the beach, and a 5 minute stroll to my new founded cafe that has made me one of the most delicious acai bowls. I could live like this forever. 

I did something this trip that I hadn't done for a while, and that is, I put my phone down. I went to the beach and actually enjoyed the beach. I starred into the ocean and rested my eyes into the blue crashing waves and listened to the soft winds and smaller chatter beside me. The sensation made me happy. I was present, I was mindful and I was in the moment.

I'm not one for new year resolutions, I have a tendency to think they come and go too quickly, so let's call this a life resolution instead. My short holiday gave my mind a refresher and reminded me how wonderful life can be when I spend a little less time scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feed, and a lot more time admiring the beautiful world we live in.